Ross Lagudi Senior |  Ross Lagudi (Jnr) | Phillip Lagudi | Stephen Lagudi

The company was originally purchased in 1982 by Ross Lagudi (snr). Already a seventeen year veteran in the industry Ross saw an opportunity for himself and his family to build one of Sydney’s best wholesale fruit and vegetables businesses.

Operating under the name of The New Zealand Berry Fruit Distributing Co at the time the business sold predominately strawberries, avocadoes and a few vegetables.

Building on his reputation for being honest and hardworking, Ross was travelling three weekends out of four encouraging good growers to send him their produce. Over the next thirteen years until 1995, Ross developed his business into one of the most well known and respected businesses in Sydney markets. With Ross as the driving force, it wasn’t long before a larger area was needed, so in 1988 he purchased bigger premises, our current location, not far from the original stands. In addition to this a warehouse and storage facility was also purchased in 1993 as the business was growing rapidly.

As time went on though, Ross snr realised he would one day need to take a step back and hand over control to three of his five sons, who had decided to work in the industry. He did so in 1995. Still today playing an important role within the business his three sons often rely on him for advice and direction in this ever changing environment.