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Ross joined the family business in January of 1987. Starting from the ground up, he soon learned the basics and progressed to becoming a salesman. Over the years Ross has taken on a leading role in the family business along side his father and two younger brothers. This then led to becoming a director of the company which by then had grown substantially.

In 1993, the NSW chamber sought to establish a young persons committee with the objective of bringing younger peoples ideas into consideration throughout the markets. Ross was a founding member of what became the Market Industry’s Committee, (MIC).

Ross was vice president of the MIC from 1997-1999 and President from 1999-2001.
Under his leadership, the MIC increased its profile and involvement within the markets and with industry affairs. Ross played an important role in raising money for charities and was involved in the ‘Fresh for Kids’ promotions committee as well as being instrumental in the development of the MIC Retailer of The Year Award.

In 2002 Ross received the first Australian Chamber Young Achievers Award for his contribution to the industry. Trading as Newfresh Australia from July 2004, Ross is now Managing Director. His responsibilities involve overseeing all aspects of running the business. As well as these duties he continues to work alongside and support his two brothers, Phillip and Stephen on the sales floor every day.